About Us

A unified body of Catholic women who work together To make a difference by touching hearts and changing lives.

In April of 2015, the Joseph J. Gorman, #5091, Columbiettes began their work with a small body of Catholic women, 21 in total. Over this past two we have accomplished many good things. With the help and cooperation of this extraordinary group of women we began our journey by reaching out to our community, our parish, and then broadened our scope by reaching across the waters of our country. Thus far we have been able to: 

1. Assist and support Harvest House in their endeavors in caring for independent seniors.

2. Assist a number of our Seminarians in defraying some of the cost of their education.  

3. Assisted in contributing money to the Sisters’ of Mercy – through “Nickels for Nuns” 

4. Presented Fr. Mike, our Pastor, with a monetary gift to help in a charity of his choosing.

5. Presented Fr. Hyacinth, Associate Pastor, with a monetary gift to help support Nigerian Seminarians. 

6. The one we are all most appreciative of, supporting a young Nigerian Seminarian and his mother, with the hope of defraying the cost of his schooling and giving his mother the ability to care for themselves. 

7. On Mother’s Day, 2016 2017, we presented the ladies of the parish with carnations and a memorial card of Our Lady to show our appreciation for all the support that the Columbiettes receive from Fr. Mike and the parish.

 8. We held our very first Communion Breakfast in November, 2015. Bishop Andrzej Zglejszewski spoke about “Giving Thanks”, and in October, 2016 we held a Communion Brunch with an extraordinary speaker, Robert Palasciano. Both were very successful with over 250 people in attendance. This year’s Communion Breakfast will be held on Oct. 15, 2017, following the 9:30 AM Mass, in the Holy Family Room. Our guest speaker will be Msgr. James Vlaun, President of Telecare.

9. In June 2015, 2016 & 2017, we contributed to the Parish Family B.B.Q. by giving a basket from the Columbiettes to be raffled off at the event. Each one offering $100 cash prize. 

10. On Father’s Day we hold our annual cake sale. The proceeds are what have made it possible for us to continue supporting all the above endeavors. 

11. Throughtout the year we have supported the Knights of Columbus with a Blood Drive, Spring Flower Sale, annual recognition dinner, and Christmas gathering of both Knights and Columbiettes. Many of us volunteer in the pantry, and work on other parish programs

12. In June, 2016 we conducted our First Degree ceremony allowing us to increase our membership by 20% and again in June 2017 we increased our membership by an additional 33%. We are growing quickly.

13. To top off the 2016 year we were chosen as a recipient of the Margaret Mary J. Mangan Achievement Award.   

The Columbiettes are an ordinary group of Catholic women doing extraordinary things. If you are interested in joining, please contact Mary Fay, President, at 516-364-2601.